Regulations and policies

1) The resale of tickets is prohibited and may not be acquired or obtained through any person, only by Abierto GNP Seguros and / or its authorized agent.
2) All bags and backpacks will be checked at the entrance of the venue.

Articles not allowed

  • Tripods, computers, bicycles, skates, alcohol, aluminum bottles, laptops, lasers, skateboards, bottles, weapons, pets, glass containers, cans and coolers.

Permited Articles

Personal cameras, plastic water bottle and umbrellas.

3) The entrance ticket can only be used by the carrier who will be given a bracelet that can not be removed until the end of the day of the event.
4) Tickets are issued according to the entry conditions established by the Abierto GNP Seguros which will have the right to refuse admission to any ticket holder in reasonable circumstances and the reasons will be explained in writing if requested.
5) Bets are forbidden and results are transmitted via Social Networks.
6) Any ticket obtained in breach of these conditions will be void and all rights conferred may be canceled. Any person wishing to use a ticket obtained in violation of these conditions in order to obtain or provide entry or remain in the tournament will be an intruder and will be expelled and liable for legal action.
7) There will be no changes or refund when acquiring the tickets.
8) In case of loss there is no refund.
9) Children from 4 years and up need a ticket to enter.
10) General admission tickets only gives you the right to access the commercial area and alternate courts, NOT to the stadium court.
11) The bracelet placed upon entering the event can not be removed or presented with amendments and will not be removed by the carrier until he / she decides to leave the event in order not to return, otherwise he / she will not have the right to access it.
12) At the end of the day session, a rescheduled or delayed match, the stadium must be evicted completely to enter again with the bracelet corresponding to the match or session in progress.

Polices in the event of rain

1) In case of rain or delay of the matches or reprogramming of the same, it is necessary to keep the ticket since only with this one they will be able to enter the stadium.
2) If a game is delayed due to rain and reprogrammed, it can only be entered with the corresponding match ticket.
3) The corresponding ticket will be strictly respected (day session and / or night session) for the entrance to the stadium. It will be necessary to present the session ticket day and night, if you wish to enter before 7:00 p.m. (night session) to the stadium court.
4) There will be no refund for delays since the games are not canceled but reprogrammed.
5) Any change, delay or reprogramming of matches will be reported on our Social Media.